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The Naked-Eye App 

Checking which stars you are starting/ ending to see at which time during twilight you contribute to a scientific study on humans vision. Thank you!  

Download the App-Installer for Android (simply download): 

NakedEye.apk 0.2.1 (alpha)


simply download
the app will ask you if you want to open/ install (please say "yes")
and here you go...

Usage (short description).

 Yes, it is secure! We are not interested in your personal data, so we don't upload it.
 BUT We are only interested in human eye's data - so PLEASE do not let your dog, cat, or parrot... click the stars instead of you (we wouldn't have the possibility to filter that since we do not request personal data like fingerprints).  

By using this App, you participate in a longrunning worldwide study on naked-eye astronomy and the limits of human vision.

All you have to do is answer the simple question: "Which stars do I see right now?"

We are particularly interested in the stars you can see near the horizon, which is why only 30° of the sky above the horizon are shown in the App's star map.

Furthermore, the most interesting time of the day for us is twilight, so the opening screen displays the exact time of sunset and sunrise at your position as well as the common steps of twilight brightness (sun at -6°, sun at -12°). 

Your observations are most helpful if taking place in the time interval of `sun at -12°' +/- 5 min. Of course, all observations at any other times are also welcome - so please feel free to contribute whenever you are outside, have a clear sky and minor light pollution. You can help us a great deal by just quickly opening the App and clicking on a few stars that you can see!

Download the APP for Android: 





For more information, please read the documentation: 


This Application is provided under CC BY-ND-NC 4.0 international licence.
Please see documentation for further information. 

(February 2019) 
cite as: Philipp Protte, Susanne M Hoffmann, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena,
Physikalisch-Astronomische Fakultät


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